Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big fat L for lame.

Hai, assalamualaikum.

Ok. Post membuang masa bermula lagi. Which shows that I have tonnes of work to do - assignments to submit and reports to write. Hence, comes this post.

So, as you guys know, new semester has begun and I loaded my semester with 6 subjects; Biophysical Techniques and Applications, General Biochem, Practical Biochem, Molecular Genetics, Advanced Organic Chem I and Experimental Organic Chem. Bunyi subjek konon2 gempak tapi biasa je. It's basically a mixture of bios and chemistry. Susah jugak. Course load mmg tak cukup tangan. Tapi masih lagi membuang masa.

Ok, maybe I should stop before I spilled things that I shouldn't. Sorry for wasting your time.

p/s: i wish for you to be completely honest with me. I don't like tug-of-war. I hate not knowing. So, a little help with the enzyme assignment please, prof? i have zero clue in mind. Hah. Ok. *shut up sarah*

Maybe i should create a twitter account la. 140 words of complaint won't take half an hour to write and surely won't waste more than 5 minutes to read.


comelest lah sape lg. said...

tapi kannn awakkk. ignorance is bliss.
sometimes lah.

cuz not knowing won't hurt u, when having the knowledge does.

n that was the reason i deactivated fb, to not know. heheh.

manusia mmglah tak bersyukur :)

sarah.azman said...

i know ignorance is a bliss. tapi still not knowing kinda tak bes too.. tak nak live in denial all the time.. hehh.. ok. mengarut

Nanue said...

agree dengan comelest! eeuuuwwwww tak sangke terpanggil dia comellll uhahaha.

tp encik comelest, tak semua orang mcm kita. tapi saya setuju sangat dgn fakta tu. ignorance is bliss.