Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr Umbrella

It’s raining heavily here in Ottawa. Not as heavy as in Malaysia. But heavy for Canada. Being my usual self of “nanti2 lah beli paying tu”, I went to school unprepared with a hoodie-less jacket and of course, without an umbrella, thinking that the rain will stop after a couple of hours.

After classes and rigorous trying-not-to-fall-asleep-in-library’s battle, I went back home, planning on stopping in Loblaws to replenish my stock of breakfasts and pastas. What I hope for a sunny evening doesn’t turns out to be true as it still rains by the time I want to go home. So, laden with shopping bags and my backpack, I made my way home (it’s like 5-10 minutes from the store). Biasa la, time hujan and sejuk, jalan 5 minit pun rasa lama. Before sampai rumah, kene lintas this one jalan besar dulu. Of course la traffic light die lama nak tunggu before the pedestrian light turns on kan. So, tunggu lah dekat situ sorg2 hoping that cepat lah boleh melintas, dah nak basah kuyup dah ni. And there comes a guy with umbrella waiting to cross the road too. After we reached the other side of the road, he turns and:

Guy: Assalamualaikum, do you need the umbrella? (pointing to the one in his hand)

S: No, thank you. My house is close by from here.

Guy: Are you sure?

S: Yes. Yes. But thanks anyway.

Thank you mr. Your kindness just made my day. And you too :)


comel-est said...

wahhhh bestnya. sukalaaaa muslims kat sini. suka random je make our day. cam mmg feel the brotherhood. i wonder if we can start the budaya back in mesia. agak2 org report polis tak sbb suspicious behaviour? lol :p

sarah.azman said...

i know.. it really made my day haritu.. sbb time tu balik2 mmg cm cranky je.. heheh.. kt msia org buat tak layan kut.. skali diorg ingt kte baik2 tu cm nk jual barang je.. :P