Monday, February 16, 2015

A day, a year later (part deux)


For some reason I open my blog couple of days from the post “a day, a year later”

Where making decisions, trying not to have regrets seem to be the issues I have to deal with before. Not that it’s not an issue now, but I think I’ve slowly started to believe that if you follow the correct guidelines in making a decision, there’ll be no room for regrets. True that ‘regret’ should not be in a muslim’s dictionary but one can’t help to feel so when one does not put his/her full trust in Allah, thinking anything happened is due to one’s own effort/doings.

It’s not more of an issue I’m having right now but I think self-improvement is something that I’m working on right now. I’m affected by something that Yasmin Mogahed said during the Marriage Conference last weekend *blush*. Hey! For all that matters, I got a free ticket to go there. Besides, it’s a good knowledge to take in whether you’re married or soon to get married or single. Good knowledge for future reference in my opinion :D

In her talks, Yasmin Mogahed said,

You can’t expect to go into a relationship empty and expect to be filled inside. Just like a beggar who doesn’t have anything will only know to ask from people yet unable to give anything in return.
You can’t expect to be filled emotionally/spiritually by asking the creation. Only the Creator that is able to fill you up inside.
Find the Creator to not make you empty inside. That way you’ll be able to give back to others

So here’s to a better and improve me inshaAllah. I’ll come and check back a day, a year later :P

Ps: previous posts seem to be waaaaay melancholic than I thought. Even I feel depressed re-reading them. Gosh! What happened before Sarah? Haha

Shine bright, shall we?

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