Sunday, February 17, 2013

A day, a year later

"Would you choose something you love.. Or something that you have a future with?"

Making decisions. Taking one, leaving another. You can never have everything of your heart’s desire in life. Nor can you turn back when you realize the one choice you left turns out far better than the one you choose. Well, whatever you choose, I believe that it is the one that is best for you at the moment. So, don’t fret or be scared because Allah knows. And you don’t.

Probably being cautious. Or even calculative. And I don’t consider myself adventurous since I hate to put myself in a situation that I can’t control. So, weighing those choices with my capability in mind, I think both are right. I can picture myself in both situation and inshaAllah will succeed.

But what is it that’s stopping you from choosing either one of the choices?

Not ready yet?

Too comfortable maybe?

"The first step is always the hardest to take" *sigh*
I’m not making any sense right now am I?

*a day, a year later, i should come back to this and see how far i've walked since this day*

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