Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear you.

If who you’re with shaped how you act. 
Like a chameleon. 
Changing colours in a particular environment among that group of people. 
And yet, you change to fit with others in a different environment. 
Such different colour you have there. 
At times, you are brighter than the others. Or sometimes, you’re just plain old grey. 
The only time you being you is when you’re alone. 
No one knows the true you. 
That one particular colour. 
Can you say that you’re being your true self? 
When the only one that knows the answer is only.. 



Daffodil said...

:) bestnye baca ayat-ayat kak sarah. i miss u kakakkkkkk!!!

sarah.azman said...

hai winwin!!! :) rindu jugak! bila baca balik it sounds depressing.. tp tak pun sebenarnya. untukorangitu. haha..