Monday, December 3, 2012

Being strangers

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. berkata: Bersabda Rasulullah saw, "Islam mula tersebar dalam keadaan dagang (asing). Dan ia akan kembali asing pula. Maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang asing."

Hai Assalamualaikum,

One thing that always keeps me thinking when remembering this hadith is how much of a stranger are you? And how much of a stranger can you be. This is Prophet Muhammad’s hadith. And for sure it will happen. So,

Can you be different?

Sometimes, people who act out of norm will be subjected to slanders and dirty looks just because you act in some way, or if you dress up in a different way (style-wise) than the society. So some will always resort to blending in with the crowd. Suppressing individuality just to fit in. Which I think should not be happening (in referring to something good). You can clearly see this in terms of fashion. You covered with hijab, not so many people give that LOOK to you. You wear a big hijab (u’re saying it as big hijab or long hijab? Anyhow, tudung labuh la. People pandang pelik. They call you not up to trend. You wear long blouses, stockings, hand socks, people labelled u as such).

Nanti entah2 nak solat pun orang akan pandang pelik” – Ayah

At that time will we be the one who are the strangers that still practice islam or we opt for blending in with the society?


Ps: Sometimes, when you face a certain situation, it’s either you act to what’s right, or you act to how the society did even though it is not right. You choose. So Sarah, when you come across those kind of situations, that can be a practice for you to practice and be a stranger and act on what’s right. It comes down to practice too somehow. And dua’a of course.

And I wonder who it is to blame? You for not standing up for you or the society?

Dare to be different? *smile*


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