Sunday, November 11, 2012

Independent.. Only if you have to (?)

Hai Assalamualaikum,

You know what, I don't think we human can really, totally be independent as what one might think. Especially muslims. We can never ever ever be independent because

We have to be dependent to the One and Only Rabb :)

Hehh. Written probably just to justify her action on refusing a very good research offer for the sake of not wanting to move out of Bangi. (this will be a story for next time) Haha.

I might think of moving out of Bangi if I have a family. Or in fact, maybe I can pujuk (or probably paksa) future husband to live in Bangi instead of somewhere else. Haha. Pergi oversea maybe nak.. :P

Post-oversea syndrome perhaps? Pffttt! Life decision.... It clearly is hard being an adult. So, help?

This I might consider :P

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