Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some things that I find them... hilarious

Hi Assalamualaikum,

I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging for quite some time eyh? Well, now I’m back and will probably try to write here as frequent as I can. *my, my. This is going to be rusty*

A lot happened since the last time I blogged. Was it in March? Or in April? Anyhow, things have taken quite a few turns here and there and.. ouh crap. I sucked at writing. Let’s try this again shall we?

A lot happened for these past few months. Plans changed, things get broken, life went on a slump and I’m at loss on what to do. Scratch that. I basically did nothing and have been living in a slump for quite a while. Hahh. Talk about zero self-preservation Sarah.

Hopefully writing helps. And that’s what I’m doing now.

Let’s start from June shall we? Right from when I reached Malaysian soil. Those times were probably the worst. I’ve been on hiatus from everybody I guess. I stopped checking my fb, I don’t have a phone (I just got it in time for people to contact me for the contenna and for interview. If tak, lagi lama la takde hp) and I don’t even contact my friends saying I’m back for good. I know I’ve been such a mean girl then. But around that time, the only thing I need is time. Time to get back on my feet. Time to adjust back to a different kind of normal. Time to grieve. And finally, time to let go.

Au Revoir '12. Ottawa, you know how much I miss you right? photocred: Ezzah
Ignore short people at front. I miss winter in Ottawa. And skating on the canal :(
Alhamdulillah, here I am, just received my first paycheck and is happy(?) to be working in one of the main institute in biotech industry. What I did is probably not significant enough to make a change, but it’s a start. To the moon shall we climb! 

Btw, I hate it if people keep on asking me “Bila nak kawin?”. Come on. I just graduated. Tanya la yang berkaitan sikit such as “What do you want to achieve in life prolly in 10 years time?”. Ask me only when I’m ready. *read: if I meet calon yang sesuai* haha.

Ps: why she decided to write again is a mystery but hopefully she’ll find herself back by writing again. Can’t wait to write about my workplace! And all its hassle.
Pps: Natasya Azwin, saya rindu awak! And it’s been a long time since I nagged at you and Bullet about your coursework.. hehh


Daffodil said...

OMG! Tau tau je i baca your blog ey? hihihi
Da lame tau tunggu update kat blog awak ni. Berkulat. Fungi Prof Vierula pun mampu hidup. Optimum environment. hahaha. (ok. lame -.-')

Kak Sarah, I miss you too. Thank you for potpet potpet at me for the past three years, I am now a grown up person..hahaha. No one potpet potpet at me like you did, so I kinda feel 'peliks' when sarah is not around. Tapi hidup ini perjuangan. "To the moon shall we climb", kate sarah. hehe

You should write more often. A good therapy i must say. Kenot senyap2. But like you said, it's all about time and you needed it. Sekarang dah buat comeback ni, dah cukup 'time' kah? hehe.

Bila tgk gambar skating awak tu, rindu yg amat. Hiang sorang geng untuk skating. Whoah. sobs!

Sarah said...

haha.. of course la tau! :) how's prof skrg? selalu jumpa dia x? we need to have a skype sesh soon. lama tak tau update.. hehe.. xpe win, nnt bila skype, bia akak potpet2 panjang2 eyh.. :D

hihi.. skrg ni rse cm xde pape worthy to write pun.. boleh kata happy la and not much drama pn kt sini.. hahaha.. btw, nnt gantikan sy skating slalu kt canal tu eyh..