Monday, September 12, 2011


the boulder has been lIfted. i guess. before the rain gushed in. alhaMdulillah.

these past months, i admit i'm having Some problems err letting go. i keep on holding tightly to the pAst without thinking what it was Doing to me in the present and thus jeopardizing my future. i became Bitter. i hate myself for feeling bitter becaUse i think life has so much To offer me and I ignore it all.

but alhamdulillah. the hurricane Subsided. the sun comes out again. or maybe a little bit of rain Here and there fOr a while before i'll be trUly happy. maybe this is the outcome from my istikharah haritu.

so i'm back again. feeLing more pumpeD out than ever to start the new term. and i wish you well. i am happy for you. the achievement. with someone along the way. that's what i've Been praying for you for the past fEw years we've known each otHer.

come on guys! heAt uP the engine and full steam ahead i say! this year will be the last battle for our degree. no time for slacking off! let's start the term with good intentions and good actions and Pray for each other along the waY.

now i shall go and cry For Old times' sake.

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dilaMAYA said...

awwwww.... I'm so motivated after reading this! keep up this good spirit sarah! =) It's okay for you to cry sometimes, heh.. tuhan dah hadiahkan air mata tu. :')

my lil advice, grab all the opportunities you have, inside or outside the classroom. Appreciate every little step you make towards achieving your goal, every person you meet, every food that you eat, take a deep breath and smile to the world! =) Autumn is beautiful! so does the winter. And summer is awaiting you. :)
All the BEST on this last battle!

sarah.azman said...

thank you dila!! *dah lame baru nk reply* tapi kte mmg sukaaaa sgt kalau awk komen cmni.. happyyy.. <3