Sunday, October 16, 2011

The sharpest lives

"give me a shot to remember
and you can take all the pain away from me
the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead"

hello & assalamualaikum,

I haven't been blogging for a while. life has been Pretty hectic with all those piled up works and all. so, writing wasn't Really on my mind At the moment. a lot have happened for the past months i think. i can't even remember when did i write mY previous post. oh well, That really wasn't what i have in mind too ;P

when i say a lot, it is a lot. a friend of mine Has been admitted to the hospital due to typhoid fever. Alhamdulillah she's all fine and running now. i finally lifted a boulder down a pithole *kejam gila cakap cmni* and as usual, all those works That need to be done have never been this high. talk about last hurdle huh? :)

i just wanted to highlight some things i trulY find interesting despite all the works. it's easy to find someone who'll laugh with yOu. but it is harder to find someone who'll be there when you're in the mud or to wipe the tears off of yoU. there's so much truth in it and i've seen it on a first-hand basis. i'm stunned too. but alhamduliLLah, i know who i can count on or who'll walk away when things Get rough. so, keep those who's been there whEn you're in the mud, not leaving Them when you find a new, shinier toys. they might not be as a friend to you as those who really are.

certain events have yet strengthen my belief in allah as the best Planner in life. right now, i feel relieved, happy, calm and all that. beforE this, rasa mcm berlagak sebab tak nak buat istikharah. berlagak sebab rasa apa yg diri sendiri rasa tu yg betul. but when you throw All that and start doing the right thing, other things start to look as helps to get you through along the way. you have no idea how many things i stumbled on after a Current Event. the people who's been there to keep me happy with all their stupid jokes. people who without knowing did keep me Occupied from feeling down. stuffs they said without they know it helps me a lot. previous usrah, we discuss about Forgiving others. and today a friend post this. there is no way everybody knows what i'm going through and yet, i stumbled across all those sweet stuffs.

say it superstitious. say it a coincidence. but what i believe is everything i stumbled upon, heard about and look on are basically there to guide Me (hopefully to a better me ia). Terasa mcm when you did something right, there will be helps along the way to get you through It. time ni terasa sangat2 mcm ditolong. rasa Nak sedih, ayah call *mengadu xsihat and byk assignment la bagai*, terasa doubt dgn Diri sendiri, dtg pulak usrah and stuffs. i can go on and on about this but let's just keep it until there. it's too precious for me to blurt it all out. what i know is, Terasa disayangi sgt sbb rasa mcm ada Org yg protect. nOt someone la. i should say Him. thank you allah. :')

and true Enough, a friend once said you'll be tested with the same thing untill you pass it. hopefully dah pass la. and with flying colours ia. and now i shall go back to reading my 20 pages journal article. yg ni tak boleh nak buat apa la. nak grad kene go with it jugak. Huehh. -.-'

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