Sunday, August 28, 2011

bulletproof heart

  1. it’s good to be back. i’ve been itching to get my handS on writing here but have another much more important stuff to write about *cough* 4901 essay *cough*. nonetHeless, it’s pretty much done now. submitted it last wednesday. yeayyy!!! so happy right now. finally a chance to laze around before the new semester starts.
  2. this year’s ramadhan has been quite erm. modest i should say. nothIng much than the ramadhan i spent two three years back in ottawa. but one thing i notice this month, this year is, you really have To watch what you say. heheh. learnt it from quite a funny experience myself. ada satu hari hujan renyai2 and we’re on our way to kak zidah’s car *tidur rumah dia buat kuih* so i said to ida “hujan renyai2 camni xbes la mandi hujan”. and on our way to buy baklava dekat this one store tak tau kat mana, hujan lebat yg teramat and we don’t have umbrella with us. it’s not a long walk tapi lebat and mmg basah la. ida terus cakap “tula tadi cakap xbes mandi hujan renyai2, skrg kan dah lebat” heee~
  3. alhamdulillah rezeki bulan puasa murah sikit this year. teringin makan ayam masak kicap, kak zIdah masak kan. teringin makan baklava, kak zidah bawak pergi beli. teringin pergi bulk barn, the next day, kak zidah nk beli barang2 buat kuih dekat bulk barn *dpt lah beli coklat.. :D * buka dekat ruMah kak rozalah, rumah encik din, dekat embassy. semalam baru je teringin nak pergi kedai dessert tu. and tadi baru balik dari kedai tu dgn niza. alhamdulillah. I must be doing something good to deserve all this. ameeen~ mee kari je tak dapat lagi. kalau rumah abg kamal buat mee kari, it’ll be a bliss. :D
  4. nak tambah lagi 1. i have Supercute friends. thank you for sending super cute emails. those emails really made my day. thank you allah for bringing me super awesome friends in my life. it’s not a big bunch of them. but it’s enough. ps: the 1st one to send it is the first one i constantly have problems with. teehee. Sorry yb.
  5. have you ever felt proud of someone? like really2 extremely proud of them? it feels like Your heart going to swell or explode or you can’t even contain it to show how proud you are of them? that’s what i’m feeling now. i am extremely proud of you. to the extent i don’t even know how to describe it.
  6. selamat hari raya peOple. may this ramadhan be a stepping stone for a better year afterwards insyaallah. i want to say sorry for all my wrongdoings to any of you. whether it's intentionally or not, i am truly sorry. have fUn celebrating raya people. have fun but do take care and keep each other safe.
in the end, it's not so bulletproof after all.


dilaMAYA said...

hehe. suka num 2 :)
Yes, yang ni kita mahu.. bila free update more about what is happening in Ottawa dan dengan semua orang. hehe.


sarah.azman said...

heheh.. nnt bila nk skype? awk mcm bz je.. heheh