Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not judgmental

When one went through a situation/bad experience, will one either (given that on 2nd time the role is reversed):
a. repeat the same action others did on the situation
b. improvise as one would not want others to experience the same bad situation again.

And I wonder what affects one's action on the situation. Upbringing? People around? Or their own conscience?

And so I wonder.

for greater good or simply blergh? *cred image to tumblr*


junction atas (ex) :( said...

oh em gee. macbook! blackberry! that shows lamanya tak jumpa! lamanya tak sembang! >.<

dilaMAYA said...

same comment as the above. pink! white! yummy :) hehe

sarah.azman said...

haih laaaa.. korg~~~ ni bukan kte punye lah.. hehe.. kte amek from tumblr.. sori sbb meng konfiuskn korg.. skrg mane ade duit nk bli macbook tp will be mine soon.. iA.. :D soriii.. rase bersalah pulak.. heheh

junction atas (ex) :( said...

haha rasa bersalah? asall?tapaham. tp takpe, if rasa bersalah sila pergi beli blackberry satu kat kita. phone kita dah nazak ni =p=p