Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mana ibu jari?

Sometimes, people take things for granted.
Sometimes, they don't realize it.
But sometimes, they do realize it but think it's not much of a value to care.
Or sometimes, those things never crossed your mind to be of importance until you lose it.

Thumbs, foods, electricity, water, people (sometimes) and all sorts of things that people take for granted.
(Why thumb??) Imagine not having a thumb and go tie your shoelaces. Imagine not having a thumb and try eating using fork and spoon.

And one more thing we sometimes take for granted. Islam. Just because you were born as a Muslim doesn't mean the iman will stay there forever (hopefully xde la sampai camni).
Just because you're called a Muslim, xperlukan effort nak jadi muslim.

Sama macam

Just because you're a student, you won't be kicked out of university. (You will if you don't study)
Just because ada kemudahan, boleh nak membazir.
Just because she called you her friend, you can easily dismiss her.
And just because you have a thumb, guna kan lah dgn sebaik2nya.

Ahh~ This doesn't make any sense at all.


dilaMAYA said...

huk! suka yang ni " just because u'r a muslim, x does not mean x perlukan effort nk jadi muslim"

junction atas said...

it does make a lot of sense. love this post.

rindulah awak(org lain jugakkk). hueheheheheh. jumpe kat mesia jom :D

sarah.azman said...

dila: rase cm ade better ayat kut tp asal paham ok la kut.. :P

tiqah: rindu dekat awk jugak.. last time jumpe awk pn time bile je.. huhu.. nnt blk msia jumpe jom.. :D