Friday, May 6, 2011


Summer holiday (12 days. Hence, comes the title).

The plan: London-Cardiff-Birmingham-Nottingham-Paris (3 people) with certain budget in hand.

The actual trip: London-Birmingham-Nottingham-Paris (2 people) and the budget was blown out of proportion -.-'

A holiday with all sorts of things experienced. Will try to write based on day-to-day experiences.

12/0 - Before the actual holiday.

Lots of things to be settled. Hotels, train tickets and even flight tickets! Nearly feels like cancelling the trip and burn CAD900 just like that. Nasib baik kuat semangat sikit. Planned on not checking the result until the trip ended.

p/s: Typing this entry means she has ended her trip and is sitting on her own bed with laptop that comes with 'mostly' unlimited wireless (unless I forgot to pay the bills, then it is limited) but yet still hasn't checked her grades. When in Malaysia perhaps. hehh.


junction atas said...

smlm mcm malas nak komen. heh. tapi awak tak sambung pun. so nak komen. sambunglahhh kalau rajinn.

sarah.azman said...

heheh.. smlm dah tulis, tapi xsempat nk post.. nnt after edit2 sket kte post.. kte kn cm mls sket kn bab2 update ni.. huehehe