Sunday, May 8, 2011


The first day of the trip was on Apr 25th. Where we (Alvina & I) took a flight from Ottawa-Newark-London. Baru2 je nak pergi dah ade something. We took the bus to the airport (nak jimat sikit) at 8am. While waiting for the bus, there was this one lady who came and talk to us. After the usual hellos, she started to ask if I'm a muslim, etc2. I told her I am a Muslim and Alvina is a Christian. After that she started talking about religion and stuffs. Dalam hati dah fikir "pagi2 lagi dah kene attack la pulak". She totally ignores Alvina and talk only to me. She talked about bible and say Prophet Muhammad that wrote the Quran and Bible is the only Holy Book, etc2. She said Jesus is dead and will later be (what's the word eyh. dihidupkan balik). She keeps on talking everytime I want to interrupt her especially the Jesus part. In the end, I barely listen to what she said. But something gets on my nerves when she mentions about this one ayat in Surah Al-Ma'idah (yes, she said that). Ayat 42. Agak terkejut. And then she asked if I understand Arabic or not. And then the bus came.

p/s: Segan pulak bile die cakap die faham Arabic (studied religion and arabic for 25 years or so she said) when my arabic is totally rusty. She talks like she knows the stuffs pdhal bau arak sikit2.

pp/s: thanks Sham ajar french sket. Tapi xberguna pun kat sana. Pfftt..

ppp/s: ohh.. sgt xreti nak tulis cerita.. bosan sungguh..


dilaMAYA said...

no.. manade bosan. syndrome penulis je tu. pembaca okay je.:) please continue writing. anxiously waiting your travelogue. hehe.

tapi part that lady. hermm... seems like she just wanna attack and proof something. Hu. macam belajar time IAW, orang macam ni, baik kita back off dulu u did. tp mashaAllah, hebat that lady, rasa malu dgn diri sendiri yang tak pandai arab ni.

dah check surah Al-Maidah,42.. herm.. nak tahu ulasan lanjut dia, tp takpelah bus dah datang.

pjg pulak comment :P

sarah.azman said...

tula.. die cm nk attack.. kte pulak cm "pg2 lg dah kene".. heheh.. yg ayat 42 tu, b4 that die ada cakap yg even islam pun suruh refer bible. kiranya bible la cm kitab yg betul.. tu yg die suh tgk ayat 42.. tapi kte rasa ayat tu ayat 43 kut.. and rasenye ayat tu refer ke org yahudi time zaman tu.. based on ape yg kte paham la.. xtau btol ke x.. tp point die nk ckp is bible la yg btol..