Friday, May 13, 2011


Second day of the holiday (Apr 26th, 2011)

We arrived at Heathrow Airport London at around 7am. Alhamdulillah, the custom wasn't being hard on us (maybe we look like two harmless kids kut) so the whole process was not as bad as people always talked about. After collecting our luggages, we were thinking of taking a taxi to the hotel, but it costs you £55. That was a lot for a taxi. So we decided to take the underground from the airport to our hotel.

need to get here

THAT will be the last time I carry a luggage across the underground. They have no freaking elevator OR escalator at the stations. Mind you, it is an underground train so for sure you’ll have to go down a flight of stairs to get to the train and climb one back to get out of the station. Maybe it wasn’t as bad if you only have to take one train from the airport to the hotel. We have to switch a couple of trains to get there. Ya Allah.. Penat die xtau nak cakap ape la. We literally climb up and down six flights of stairs with ~10kg luggage. There are some nice people who help us carry the luggage but not for most of the journey la. We reached the hotel at 12pm *due to the stairs issue*.

The hotel is called Central Park Hotel (A piece of NYC in London huh? The hotel wasn’t that bad given if they have a free wifi. You actually have to pay to use the wireless in the hotel room. Apart from that, there is basically nothing to complaint about.

After praying, we decided to go to London Bridge since we still have some time before it gets dark. Well, London bridge is.. uhmm.. a bridge. Lawa la. Tapi it’s a bridge jela. We walk all the way to the other side, snapped some pictures (the view is nicer on the other side. I think the other side is called Greenwich kut).

And ohh, two Indian guys followed us from that end back to the London end. One of them was interested in my friend I guess. How I know they’re following us? I noticed them earlier and when I stopped on the bridge, they stopped too. Crazy huh? Trying my best not to panic (since Alvina had perfectly done the job), we walked across the bridge while looking if there’s a policeman around *but takde sorg pun and i was “where the heck are they when we need them??!”* at last, we went to an Indian restaurant and told the owner about our situation. She asked us to confront the guy *and I was like “what??”* I refused to go out sbb I’m scared like crazy if they followed us back to our hotel. The lady saw that I won’t budge an inch from my seat so she asked one of her workers to accompany us to the underground station. Sampai2 terus naik the 1st train that arrived and balik hotel. Mind you, it was 6pm and we already at the hotel by 7pm (maghrib in London is at around 8-ish).

a street we stumbled to when walking along Oxford St.

So yeah. This was the memory I have of London bridge. I even remember that guy’s face until now. Screw you Indian guy! For wrecking our holiday. It was our 1st day in London lah.

After all, ada hikmahnya kut.

  • Dapat makan subway halal. Bought a foot long meatball sub. OMG! Sedap giler. Sebab konon2 plan nak mkn bila balik Msia, but I know that by the time I’m in Malaysia, subway will be the last place I’ll choose to eat. Heheh. Rezeki2..
  • We were being a good girl for the rest of the vacation. We never went back to our hotel any later than 7 or 8pm. Basically, mmg balik before Maghrib la. :P
P/S: Hyde Park is only across the road from our hotel. :)


Ani Norfarah said...

Macam ada gambar london bridge yang lagi cantik je ko amek haritu?
Neway, ko dah kat msia ke? *sorry for spamming, takde fb utk conteng2 kat wall ko* Heeee~

sarah.azman said...

haha.. ade je.. tapi byk sgt.. xtau nk pilih mane 1.. and yes.. kte dah kt msia.. deactivate sbb exam ke? xtau la still sempat ke x.. good luck for the exams!! <3