Saturday, February 5, 2011

Midnight blues

Playing my favorite songs in the middle of the night while waiting for Naruto to buffer. My favorite Friday night activities. Where you can curl up on the bed with a mug of steaming hot chocolate. Yumm.

And of course, everytime I play 'Back to December' in the middle of the night is the time I miss my family the most. :(

Basically, I am not much of a queen bee. Not cool and pretty enough to be one and not great enough to be surrounded by friends at all times. I am not much of a talker. So I find it hard to make friends sometimes. But when I do, I think the world of you.

But no matter how great your friends are, it never beats how important family is. No matter how great your friends' advices are, I still think your mom has the best advice. Ever. It can be annoying sometimes when she's being all pushy and looks like she's being judgmental and doesn't understand you at times. But later on, you'll be thanking her for nagging at you all this while. It's good if you have such great friends giving you great advices all the times. But what good will it gives if you didn't listen to your own mom. Righttt? For some, this might not be such a big issue to discuss. But being far away from home, surrounded only by your friends, you'll start to appreciate your family even more. I miss having someone making breakfast in the morning. I miss hearing my mom's snide remarks on my lack of house chores practices. And I even miss hearing both my sister and brother fighting over a remote control.

So, take note. Friends come and go. I think you notice it too. But your family will never walk away from you. And surely neither your mom. And your dad too of course.

A daughter who misses hearing her mom's nagging and getting angry at her at times.

p/s: Syasya and Nina, get well soon. After that, let mom rest for a while. She looks dead on her feet the last time we skyped.
pp/s: Don't get me wrong. I appreciate those who I call friends. I think the world of you guys.


.Siti Nabilah. said...

awwwwhhhhhh :DDDD <3

Daffodil said...

hai cantik..

saya salah sorang kawan awak kan?

sarah.azman said...

kakngah: :)
natasya: ye.. kamu salah seorang kawan saye.. kawan saye yg comel

Ashraf said...

xde midterm bole r nk lepak2..

sarah.azman said...

haha.. jealous much? go and study lah..