Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't know if you read this, but this is for you Siti Hajar Nasaruddin

Hai assalamualaikum,

This blog has been collecting dust since what. february? School has been harsh for the past 2 weeks.. back-to-back exams. back-to-back essays.. and soon to be back-to-back finals on the 18th. but this is not what i had in mind when typing this. not to complaint or anything. okay. here goes.

Happy Birthday Hajar!! You deactivate your fb and you're not even on skype. I have no idea how to contact you, so here goes.

I've known you for a looooongggg time. Back when we're not as close or even speak as much. Merely someone that's in the same class as I do. How we started to be close friends amazed me. Awak ade suara sedaaaap. Selalu jadi ketua nasyid. It was like everytime there's a competition, we don't have to vote pun nk pilih siapa. :P

She's smart as well. One of the brightest. Then we got into the same secondary school. *at that time it was hard for us seeing that we were from private school and they don't usually treat us nicely when we're applying for government school. And they tend to not give the school we applied for.* So, getting into the same school was amazing. Seeing how hard it is for me to make new friends, having an old friend in a new school was a relief. Selaluuuu sgt dapat no 1 kt kelas. And I either come second or third. (Solha selalu dapat 2nd. ishh) But after pmr, she went to a boarding school. Masuk sbp.

And now she's in Egypt studying medicine. And Alhamdulillah she's safe after what happened there. So, I just want to wish you happy 22nd birthday. May Allah bless you with the best things in life. Semoga jumpa jodoh yg sampai ke syurga. Sebab awak sangat baikkkkk.

Coz I can't think of any other way to contact you. And it was like 8-days late from your birthday. Sorry, I was busy. Heheh. Awak balik Malaysia jom la keluarrr. This time awak drive pulak.. :P

And one more person whose birthday falls on April fool's day. It was hard lah celebrating you birthday without terkene tempias2 april fool tu.. :P Happy birthday kakngah. Dah besar. Dah gemok. Tapi masih tinggi. So, ok lah tu. Semoga lepas IB dengan suksess nye.. Balik belanja akak makan. Okay. :P tak tau nak cakap ape lagi sebab dah call haritu.


bintuNasRah said...

thanx sarah!
*hugs byk2 kali*
mst la baca..

sori jarang on9 skype sbb x gne sgt.. huhu

oh, hari tu kite jmpe mak awk kt warta. mse kite blk sbb revolution hari tu. summer ni klo kite blk.. kuar eh, iAllah :)

sarah.azman said...

heheh.. *hugs byk2 kali balik* :D

ouh yehh? mak kte tu mmg suke kut gi warta.. emm.. insyaAllah boleh je keluar.. tapi hopefully awak balik time kte ade lagi la.. sbb kte balik msia early summer je.. huhu