Monday, December 20, 2010

'tis a season to be jolly.

My fall semester has officially ended. Today. And yes, I survive from all those piled-up works mercilessly assigned for the past 4 months.
Note: I took overload courses this semester, with six core subjects from the usual fours and fives. So, surviving this semester is a huge achievement from my part. Sans the result part of course.

So, what's better than a shopping spree to mark the end of the semester with hands full of shopping bags and a slightly lighter purse right? Not! I forget that it's winter now and no, I didn't find anything to my liking. Except for stuffs in Lush. It really lifts your spirits up with all those sweet, sickly scented stuffs.
It's cute isn't it? No, I only buy the face mask.

And it'll be a couple of days of freedom before they posted the results. Two of them have already come out even before I'm done with my other papers. I can only say alhamdulillah. It can be a lot worse than that. I'll be waiting for the other two subjects *remember, i'm taking 6 subjects? another two will be continued next year*. So, no rush prof.

p/s: 'tis a season to be jolly. you're not someone significant in my life. Your presence won't burst my happy bubbles. Prick one, but I have lots of 'em!
pp/s: it's not what i call a perfect shopping outing. but thank you people. :')

Much love.


.Siti Nabilah. said...


.Siti Nabilah. said...


Ani Norfarah said...

Nak ehem3 jgk sebab tak faham =P

Ohh, kat sane ade lush jgk ek? Kte masuk kedai tu, rase macam nak makan je sabun2 die -.-

P/S: i miss chatting with u. Sobs.

sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. it was nothing.. benda ngarut je.. :)

farah: i miss chatting with u too.. we have to do it soon after you come back from your vacation.. i want to hear everything about u.. dah lame sgt ni..