Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of those times

Hai assalamualaikum..

Of being a doctor:
  1. You have a chance of working at your 'dream' hospital
  2. It's actually what you dream of doing deep down
  3. High salary pay
  4. You actually help people gets better
  5. Guaranteed a job once you graduated
  6. You might PROBABLY end up marrying other doctor due to low social interaction with others (tak tahu lah ni pros ke ape. sorry budak2 medic)
  7. It's a hectic job (not for the faint-hearted). haha
  8. A chance of midnight on-call
  9. Drop-out from Carleton and waste the 3 years of studying there + another 6 more medic years
Of being a biotechnologist:
  1. You're currently learning it in Carleton U
  2. You can be a lecturer and lead a normal, less-hectic life
  3. You'll be graduating with the degree, insyaAllah in 2 years time
  4. There'll be 160,000 available job place for the graduates, according to NST, August 10th
  5. "You're the one who choose to go oversea and doing biotech rather than accepting the medic uitm's offer" - mak
  6. You actually, LOVE studying biotech stuffs
  7. Even if sometimes you have no idea what it's all about
  8. "I'm building a biotech factory in Pahang. You can work there and save some money by not going to midvalley" - ayah
  9. Some people don't even know what biotech is and I'm doing such a bad job (a tad only) explaining it to them
  10. You already choose biotechnology 3 years ago and you are going to stick to it and love it as you do now and you'll work hard to succeed in this field and get a good, well-paid job and lead a good, long life. :P
Ohhhh.. Usaha utk menyedapkan hati after meeting with medic uitm students doing their clinical in IJN. Pfftt..

But, thinking back, Allah has His own plan for me. I might not see the better side of it now, but I should remember that what happened mesti ada hikmahnya. I do love learning what I learn now. Biotech I mean. It's just that when you see someone in a place where you always dream of working in the future, terasa semacaaaam.

But I'm all good now. Teehehe.. :) No regrets. Seriously. *insert serious face here*.

On a different note, tomorrow is the 1st of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, dapat lagi jumpa Ramadhan. Di Malaysia pulak tu. Mind you, this is my first Ramadhan in Malaysia after 2 years of fasting in Canada (last year balik Canada the day before puasa. Pfft). Semoga Ramadhan this year will be much better than the previous one. InsyaAllah.

p/s: Selamat berpuasa kawan2. Will not forget you in Canada time pergi bazaar ramadhan. hee~
pp/s: seronok sbb insyaAllah malam ni mak kejut bangun sahur. :D

- selamat berpuasa
- selamat tambahkan amal
- selamat kekalkan amal ramadhan to bulan yg bukan ramadhan
- selamat kurang2 kan makan time berbuka.. ^^


comelest said...

sukaaa reasoning ayah awk :p
aah mesti ada hikmahnya, sthg we probably missed/havent seen.
mana tau jumpe jodoh awk masa keje jd biotechnologist ke?heheh.
hikmah 1:kalu awk tak amek biotech, tak gi canada, tak jumpe kite yg comel. kan kan kan?

mencapap=rindu. haaaa cheesy habis tak?:D
slmt ramadhan. mengapakah deactivate fb?ttbe rasa nak ikut jejak lgkh. ha ha.

dila said...

ouh, plan sebelum ke Ijn tak jadi eh. hee.
Selamat berpuasa dengan family. =)

sarah.azman said...

comelest: jumpe jodoh time jadi biotechnologist? hahah.. tu lah.. tak amek biotech, xlah jumpe awak yg super cool ek? :P awww~ rindu eyh.. hihi.. saje je nk deactivate fb.. sbb skrg kn tgh bercuti.. sila lah ikut jejak langkah ye.. :P

dila: aritu dah buat dah.. tapi awak xcakap pape pn.. heheh.. tenkiu dila.. selamat berpuasa gak kt sane.. :)

at-toriQ said...

hei kakak! awak buat kita hampir nangis!eh...dah kuar pun...cuma tak menitik ke pipi je lg!

sy takpenah tahu yg awak pun nak jd doktor act! dari kecik sy nak jd doktor..and sedih bila tak dapat tu Allah jelah yg tahu.mcm2 dah jd dlm hidup sy..sy rasa penat kdg2 bila sy takmampu pk positif n asyik membuatkan diri jd down je..

bila baca semua yg awak tulis ni....hurmmm..sy rasa kelu kejap..
(rasa nk buat post psl bnde ni gak..asyik pendam je..nak luahhhh!hehe)

awak, take care!
sy rindu awak!(bukan penipuan!ini fakta!:P )

sarah.azman said...

nape nk nangis pulak??? heheh.. tu lah.. used to want to be a doctor.. b4 this ok je.. dah let go pn psl ni, tapi aritu je tetibe.. haha..

yes.. kadang2 tak mampu sgt nk pk positif tp terpakse sbb yg negatif tu is more hurtful drpd terpaksa bersusah pk positif.. heheh.. buat lah!! kte nk bc..

n yes, i know u miss me.. :P kte pun!! take care kt sane..

Ani Norfarah said...

Wow.. I always knew u wanna be a doctor but i never knew u want it SOOO badly.. I thought it was just like
"apa cita2 kamu?"
"saya nak jadi doktor, cikgu"

As u said, stiap bende terjadi mesti ade hikmahnye.
Eyh2, kalo ko blaja medic kat uitm entah2 u'd be best friend dgn *** and *** (it suddenly came across my mind, hehe)

sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. dulu lah.. skrg dah tak kesah.. :D and i did thought about that jugak.. kelakar lah.. haha