Monday, July 26, 2010

Plezier. Glücklich. Kærlighed. Glipp

This post is done solely because I haven't ramble much in my blog for this couple of weeks. Seeing that I don't have anything specific to ramble about, we'll see how this goes.

It's been weeks since I'm back in Malaysia. Yes, i'm back but this time I planned on keeping it quiet (and it didn't turn out as well as I thought). I don't have any particular reason in doing so, but rest assured, it is not because I don't want to meet everybody back home *yes, i do miss you*. It's just one of those times. One of those times you want to put your life and all it's.. ehem.. hassles on hold. I don't even have a phone number. Been using my sister's phone to contact my friends now. :)

But, it feels sooooo good to be back. Seeing your family at the airport and spending some time together with those I left a year ago. And eating all the foods you can't get hold of in Canada. You see, I eat a lot in Ottawa but still the hollow cheeks, bulging collarbone and twig-like arms causing my mum to be "why you look smaller and thinner than the last time I saw you?" and now she's been stuffing me up with food. I don't mind the least bit sebab dapat makan sedap2. hee~

Ohh.. One more thing. Recently I always have these bizarre dreams mostly with you, my friends in it. I remember some of it, but for some, what I can remember is only how strange they are. Hurm. Weird.

Okay. Dah penat. I want to continue watching prison break now. And lastly, now you know I'm in Malaysia and I'm sorry if I haven't contacted some of you recently. Just a burnt fuse up here *point head* and after repair, she'll be up and about in no time insyaAllah. :)

and they say it signifies wishes coming true. hah.


comelest said...

skrg dah bukan musim dandelion. dah takde dandelion dah.
takleh perasan comel dah tiup2 dandelion otw to or fro uni. hu. :(

p/s:lari tajuk gile tak?haha sorry awk :D

sarah.azman said...

hahaha.. bengong.. :P awak ye yg prasan comel tiup dandelion? kte x.. hee~ takpe.. lari tajuk pn xpe.. tahu awak saje nk mencapub.. ;)

naz_MD said...

sara...lambat lg nak balek canada kan?
i got 2 week's for test...='(

sarah.azman said...

all the best naz! :) kte balik sana 3rd raya.. hihi