Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little tantrum past the weekends

Hai, assalamualaikum.

Being home in time of Ramadhan made me feel a tiny bit emotional in here *hands on chest* tapi maybe sbb the big P jugak kut. Sniff sniff. No, i’m not crying while typing this. It’s just my runny nose. :P and my croaky voice. Seriously I do sound like a frog. Hmm. Carried away am I?


Reasons number one. You have your entire family to berbuka and bersahur with you (exception to you, kakngah since you’re in KMB). Usually your friend will wake you up for sahur or vice versa but here, you have your mum. But after a while, the giddy feeling starts to wear off when your mum shouts at you sbb susah sgt nk bangun sahur. But still, it is priceless. :)

Reasons number two. Even without Ramadhan coming, being at home once a year makes you realize more on little things around your house. And your loved ones. The last time you check, there’s no hint of white on your dad’s hair. The last time you check, only kakngah manages to outgrow you, height-wise. The last time you check, your mum doesn’t look as tired as she looks now. So, these entire things make you realize how long you have been away from home and how many things you have missed here. And ohhh. The weddings that I missed. My aunt’s wedding, my mom’s cousin’s wedding and my cousin’s engagement.

Reasons number three. You missed soooo much watching your little sisters and brother growing up. After all, they’re not so little anymore eyh?

With that, my train of thoughts stops here. Dah lupa nak tulis apa lagi. Here's a little something for you. :)

Insaf's briyani madu

pulut panggang

my mak tok's chapati

p/s: this might due to the fact it’s 21 days left before I get myself on a plane to Canada and the fact that I’m not looking forward to it. The love I have studying there is the only thing that ties me and that place nowadays. Given choices, I don’t want to go back. I’m happy and contented here. ;)

Pp/s: What is it with the Malaysian-Syrian tudung style nowadays? With bonjol tinggi kat blkg kepala. What did you guys put inside there eh? Not many people have long hairs to make a bun that big. Sorry. It’s just pure curiosity.


Ani Norfarah said...

U know what, aritu time makan lodeh mak kte masak kte ttbe cam sedey sbb baru sedar nak balik UK dah. Which means no more mom's cooking. I'm not even back in UK yet, dah homesick plak -.-

PP/S: if u watch epilog syurga cinta kt tv3 kol 6.30 ptg, kte tgk mak si zizan tu ikat rambut tinggi gle. Getah rambut die bsar gle kot. Kte rase dorang pakai bnde cmtu kot utk wt bonggol tinggi tu. Huhu.

atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

briyani madu tu nmpk sgt ...
oh rindunya insaf. skrg baru terliur, first time tgk dulu tak. hahah.

awak, cek email awk. tp kite tatau email awk btol ke tak. haha.

atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

oh okay, comment takkan appear ke. so betul ke email awk sity_sarah@yahoo.com?

Ainul Arina Madhiah said...

salam sarah...

style sanggul tinggi tu actually dah lama pakai kat middle east country. Bukan rambut pun. actually diaorang taruk macam sepit bunga2 yang besar gabak dan bulat macam sepit kepit rambut org malaysia tu.. huhu.. merata2 je jual kat jordan nih.