Sunday, July 11, 2010

up. up. and down. repeat.

this post needs to be edited a tiny-wee bit.

I think I found my unicorn which had been lost for quite a while.i
But the thing is.m
I'm not sure whether it's mine or someone else's.y
And there's no way I can tell.

Speaking of unicorn, Spain wins the title of the World Cup 2010 Champion for the first time ever.
I'm happy. Enough said.


at-toriQ said...

mishhh youuuuuu!!!


jumpa bola dah?
ask God whether its yours or someone else's..

i'm gonna ask Him to0 of course!
ayyy ayy!

selalu update diri kay!

ps: jgn letak pics y bole buat org jeles sudah..erk?hehe

sarah.azman said...

heheh.. thanks awin..
tapi kte xsure lah.. :')

nanti kte update kay! will chat soon kalau kte rajin nk on9.. heheh..

p/s: cth gamba yg boleh bg awk jeles ape die? :P

Ani Norfarah said...

Ball? What ball? Tak faham =P