Monday, July 5, 2010

Random #7

this is pretty much a post written to kill time waiting for subuh.

Hurm.. Let's see.

1) I keep repeating these songs: With me, White Horse, Love Story... Well, you got what I mean. Basically a sum 41 song and tonnes of Taylor Swift's. Tak. Tak boring pun dengar. I'm up to anything princess-y and fairytale-like.

2) My room is a mess. Pretty amaze how a year can double-triple your stuffs. Specifically clothes and purses. Ada hati lagi tu nak beli this one handbag I saw in Winners.

3) I don't usually write about what I've been listening to and how my room looks like. Told you this post is for nothing.

4) Bubble tea + New York cheesecake + company.. *drools*

5) Did I say there's a handbag I want in Winners? $30 only. Thank God my Atiqah's side wins over Farah's only at times when my bank account shows a double digit amount.

6) Once, I ever wish to be in an accident where certain years, certain memories are erased. Once a friend said "what happen if you completely erased your memories?". It's not like you can choose which one to be erased. Ala.... It's just a wish. It's not like I really want that to happen pun.

7) Mosquitoes here really love me. I have multiple love bites on my arms now.

8) It takes 7 until I realize how.. ehem.. ludicrous this post is.

A futile attempt it is.


p/s: in response to natasya's request, i give you random #7.


dila said...

Atiqah's side and farah's side??.. rofl! XD

comelllllllessstt said...

LOL. it must be comot's side over comel's side, isn't it?heeee =P

sarah.azman said...

dila: heheh.. atiqah's wins.. naseb baek.. :P

farah: ye.. awk comel.. hihi

at-toriQ said...

gile skema 'natasya'


selamat balik esok!