Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When the time comes

You have everything that I want
You get everything that I always dream about
You have everything that I never had
You have everything that I will never be

It's not a feeling of ungrateful towards You
It's a battle between jealousy and acceptance
Feeling grateful vs wanting for more.

Positive jealousy is a good thing. It shapes you up to be a better person.
But if too much.. You point fingers, blaming others. Blaming Him. Feeling ungrateful with what you have.
Never learn to accept.

I don't want to be that person. InsyaAllah.
Acceptance. It's not easy.
But if you look at the bright side of it, it makes things much easier.
It's how you look at it and whether you notice the problem or the solution.
Like a glass half empty or a glass half full. :)


Mahu mencapub lagi sekali. I play soccer! :) tengoklah sini. haha. credit to Faris for the pic. thanks.. (xpe kan kte letak link tumblr ko kat sini?)


farra said...

congratulations to the "you" too =)

sarah.azman said...

haha.. ngeks lah.. thanks.. :P

Ani Norfarah said...

OMG sarah.. I'm soo proud of you! *tgk gmbr ko maen soccer* I dun even think I can play soccer. Hehe. Tendang angin sudah~ =P Gambar dah ade gaya, main pun kena bergaya tau ^_^