Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bau bread pudding sgt sedap.

I hate being helpless. Coz it leads to me, feeling useless. Which THEN leads to me, feeling like a loser with a big fat L stamped on my forehead.

How I wish life is simpler. No. scratch that. How I wish, I CAN actually wish. When "Beware of what you wish for" actually does makes sense.

Understand moi? No? I know you don't. It's not what you think it is. Mommy's little girl is not so little anymore. :')

p/s: it doesn't sound too emotional does it? because it is not.


Ani Norfarah said...

Baca title, ingatkan nak taruk resepi =P

sarah.azman said...

ahahaha.. time tgh tulis blog ni my friend tgh buat bread pudding.. pastu, xtau nk letak title ape, letak lah title itu.. :P