Friday, June 4, 2010

The need. No idea.

May 27th - May 30th
Midwest Games International 2010
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Great time there.. Great pre-midwest games training too. With awesome coaches. Yes. Coaches. 1 coach tetap and others that help here and there during those trainings.

Well, that's how I spent my evening previously. Rigorous soccer practice for the midwest games. Our team did not managed to go to the next round but it is such a great achievement nonetheless because all of us are first-timers in the soccer field. :)

I kinda miss those practices now. :'( You guys are the awesome-est.

So... No soccer practices but more nerdy routine now. Wake up, study a lil bit, go to class, went back home, study some more, online, watch prison break, tido. Yes, i know.. I'm waaaay back than everybody's else. The series has been aired ages ago.. I'm weird that way.

And, I've been writing a list on things I would do before the next fall semester starts. Here are a gist of it.

4. Try to finish at least 1 classic novel
7. Walk or roller blading to school (tapi skrg injured. Terpaksalah beli bus pass)
8. Go to those pavement cafe in downtown. It's nice there. Like Paris. (Sorry exaggerate. But it is nice)
9. Travel before going back to Malaysia. Which has been completed. Remember Fredericton, Halifax and Prince Edward Island? ;)
11. Learn a dance routine for 1 complete song. Nearly impossible task due to extreme lazy-ness and bad hand-feet coordination.
15. I want to play with those bubbles. $5 je kat drugmart. Somebody. Please. (sangat kebudak-budakan)

And some others yg pelik utk ditulis di sini. Sorry for those random stuffs that I rumbled about. Jumping from one to another different one. :P

Last night tengok balik gambar when I was in Taylor's College doing ICPU. Waaah.. Sangat rindu those times.. The phase that taught me a lot. Definitely one of the best..

Blerghh.. Sorry.. This is lame..

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