Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tik tok tik tok

It's hard to do the right thing. To say all the right words. And yet, still able to smile like nothing happened. When you've been given choices to do what's right you'll find it painfully hard to do it.

Imagine sticking a needle in your hand yourself (for any medical reasons i would say). Most won't probably do it i guess.

But what if..
Someone else sticks a needle in your hand rather than you do it by yourself? No other options available but to bear the pain.

We might have been given an option to do what's right and leaving out the bad ones at times. For some, a wisely decision has been made. But not for others. It seems, distinguishing between black and white is easy. But the grey one has always been harder.

Some people has been presented with those options multiple times. Taking the wrong turn at each. That would be me. Pfftt.. Until the moment when there are no options left but the only one that you've been avoiding each time. True enough, the strongest motivator for you to make those right decisions is when you are left with nothing but those.

I may not be strong enough to stick the needle myself but someone else has already done it for me. The pain. It's bearable (macam kene gigit semut je). Arigatou~ Dah lame xkene inject kt tangan nih. heheh.

Take some from my plate, chew, swallow. Then only you can talk - Amirah Izzati Yaakob


cutest friend eva said...

sukeeeee <3 <3

atas sbb2 peribadi~~
hukhuk :p

sarah.azman said...

sbb peribadi ape may i know, cutest friend eva? haha