Monday, March 8, 2010

I wear shades to school today. Yeay!

Hey ho~! Spring is here. :)
the sunshine. the flowers.
very much awaited for.
as much as i'm waiting for my own private sunshine.

pretty little dandelion. see how easy it is to be blown away. as easy as i am when getting carried away :)

Come spring. I long for a fresh start.
may you find happiness in your life awk~ :')
i'm letting you go now. as what you ask from me.
fly high as those pretty little dandelions k.
will always pray for you. will always be here.
study animals pulak. lagi nak midterm lagi menjadi nak tulis blog. ngeks.


.Nabilah. said...

woot woot the hottie is here..pegi carleton pakai shades bonia yawwww!haha

sarah.azman said...

haha.. ngeks la kamu ni ngah.. haihhh.. adik sape la ni..

.Nabilah. said...

adik ngeks jugak ah..hahaha..kakak hottie,adik hottier an?hahaha

Ani Norfarah said...

Spring is here! Me also likey! =D
Tgh mnunggu mase je nk tukar jacket =P

sarah.azman said...

haha.. kaaan.. :P
i already tuka jaket la.. :D
hey you! xnak buat blog ke?

aLam maya said...

hoi. dah x private. ;D

sarah.azman said...

haah.. for your viewing pleasure.. haha.. kn kte ckp aritu sbb nk edit sumthing..