Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Phewww! This month has been busy. The calendar has been filling itself with assignments and exams. Well~ The usual stuffs *shrugs*
But.. but..
Nampak x reading week tu? I went skiing! Which was awesome. It gave you such an adrenaline rush going down the slope. The sore afterwards ain’t fun though. Saket satu badan coz I’ve been tumbling down in order to stop rather than hitting people full speed. :P tp best~ definitely going for a next one if there is one.
Xtau nak tulis ape. But yeah~ I stumble across Iman’s note on what she wants. Seronok je baca. Tiba2 rasa nak tulis juge. *I guess you should stop reading now. Bye*
I want someone who loves me. I want to be able to love that someone. I want someone who thinks I’m pretty even when I know I’m not. I want someone to share stories with. I want someone for me to whine to. I want someone who will always call me before he sleeps. I want someone who I can call when I’m having nightmares. I want someone to hug me whenever I’m feeling crappy. I want someone who’ll hug me just because he wants to. I want someone to kiss me goodnight. I want someone who I can turn to every time I’m in trouble. I want someone who’ll be my shoulder to cry on. I want to be the shoulder for him to lean on. I want someone who’s able to talk senses in me. I want someone who’ll hug me when I cry. I want someone who’ll manage to keep my feet firmly on the ground. I want someone who knows me inside out. I want to understand someone and able to not do things he’ll disapprove of. I want someone who think I’m the best thing ever happened in his life. I want someone who cares to share his problems with me. I want to be able to hug him able to make him feel better even for a bit. I want someone so I’ll be able to say “you can do it” when he’s not confident with himself. I want someone who thinks he has the world when he’s with me. I want someone who’ll say “I love you” repeatedly to me. I want someone to get in fight with and be able to make it up afterwards. I want someone who’ll accompany me wherever I might want to go. I want someone who’s able to stand hearing me singing off-key Taylor Swift’s songs and still be able to say my singing ain’t sucks. I want someone to go to the movies with. I want someone who’ll share his passion on something with me. I want to be able to love his passion on something. I want someone who’ll give me advice whenever I’m in trouble. I want someone who’ll take care of me. I want to be able to take care of someone. I want someone who’ll be worried if I didn't take my medicine. I want to be able to stand next to someone whenever the entire world turns their back on him. I want someone who I don’t have to walkaway from. I want someone who won’t walkaway from me. I want someone that I can hold his hand and say “I love you” repeatedly. I want someone that I able to be friend with, to be his lover, to console him, to be everything for him. Most importantly, I want someone who’ll be able to see me through the mistakes I’ve done and can still think I’m worthy of him. And I want someone who’ll be able to guide me to the right path. And that is why I want you. Someone that I want to do much more for.
Mane husband I nih~ *sorry.. that is lame*
“Kte nak masuk syurga Allah dgn dia” – definisi cinta Hilal Ashraf.
This is nice~ ehmm.. writing about things that are far fetched. Far fetched is nice. Like fairytales and nightmares.
Ouh.. I only sleep for 2 hours yesterday. That figures why my brain has started to go haywire today. Kaput.

Happy Birthday Mak! I love you. And you too Nina. :)

edited in 2012.
getting a sweet and romantic husband is probably the least of my worries. I want one who puts his religion first above all. One who respects his parents. One who is responsible. Who takes care of his little brothers and sisters (if he has one). One who prays(i find this point most important of all. I'm no ustazah but I at least want someone who take care of his solat). One who sometimes go to surau for jemaah. One who sometimes go listen to ceramah. Raya korban just pass, and I respect one who helps during that time :D one who is matured and can take care of me. And one who is not short-tempered. After these, than can I care about other things mentioned above. Sarah is an adult now. hehe.. rasa mcm dah matang. Well in conclusion, I look more on how he is in taking care of his religion more than small things whether he calls me from the office and whatnot.

Skrg impian saya nak bina baitul muslim *peace gesture* :D
individu muslim + individu muslim = baitul muslim.

Chaiyok Sarah! Ayuh berusaha! 


Ani Norfarah said...

Nak jgk! =P
Saraaaaa, lame xborak dgn ko =(

sarah.azman said...

nak jugak ape? farah~ ko xnk buat blog ke? i do really wanna read yours.. buat laaaah..

we'll talk soon dear..

Amanina said...

heehee ingat jugak :D