Friday, January 1, 2010

A word to the wise? Not really~

2010 arrives and i don't feel the need of more unfulfilled new resolutions since some of the past hasn't even been resolved yet which are:

  • i want to get straight A's in all my subjects.. Blerghh.. I'll bleed throughout the process and it doesn’t even come close. Well, the least I can wish for is to be at least better than last semester perhaps.
  • i want all the excess fat to go to my hands instead of my cheek. Boleh? It seems that how much food i consumed, it prefers to go to my cheek instead of to my overly-thin wrist. "Cam ranting yg boleh patah2kn je" some used to say this. ceyt.
  • and some others which i don't feel the need to bore you to death with.

Anyhow, to sum it up, i just want to be a better person than i used to be before.

and.. and..

there's this one thing i want and i know i'm not going to get it. Don't laugh ok. I want to be a tad taller than I am now~~ A tiny bit will do.. Hah! Don't laugh please. This is serious matter ok. I can save more money if i gain more height. you know why i can save more money? Coz i don't have to buy over-expensive petite jeans at topshop. Instead, i can use it to buy shoes perhaps.. (@.@)

stop dreaming missy. You’re 21 now.


2010 already came leaving 2009 as a memory to ponder. A lot happened in 2009. It starts with a happy note, contains a mixture of sad, anger and more happy things and is wrapped up with a little bit of sad note there *screwed up an exam*. but hey, it's not all bad. Experiences can teach you more than you can ask for. The mistakes you made act as signs for you not to repeat it. Wasn't experience the best teacher in life?

Yes, it is. 2009 taught me a lot. In fact, it's more than i can take. It's like carrying a big boulder on your shoulder where you feel that you want to throw the boulder away but you realize that it's glued to you and you have to find ways to live with the boulder on your shoulder. Eughh. Crap example. Bear with me. I can't put my thoughts into proper words now. But what i want to say is there are some problems that won't go away and you have to find ways to bear with it and not letting it affects your whole judgment in the process.

Hurtful times. Countless tears. Mounds of efforts. And He who always be close to you. These make me a stronger person now. And hopefully always. InsyaAllah.

douka kamisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai”

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