Friday, December 18, 2009

a friend.

there's a dream.
a weird dream. yet, a meaningful one.

in the dream,
there's a friend. wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.
this friend, reached out his/her hand and held mine.
together we walk.
we talk.
we laugh.

but, wait.
i saw someone.
i saw someone on the same road as we did.
it's my friend after all.
wearing black shirt and black jeans. with another friend.
how weird!
how come my friend is there when he/she stands next to me, holding my hand?

the friend in the black shirt walked past us. to another road.
i'm confused.
i look at my friend.
He/she look forward. without a backward glance to the black shirt.
dragging me forward.
to continue our journey. *nk gi pasa malam kut.ntah. ni xingat.haha*
but why now you don't held my hand in continuing the journey forward? :'(

kih3. ayat xboleh blah. boleh jadi penulis novel x?

wasn't that a meaningful one? even i don't know what it means. it's just exciting i can remember the whole lot of this dream. Not like the usual stuffs, waking up trying to remember a dream you had, but it's like cupping water in your hand. you had it at first, but slowly starts to lose it after. and later you don't remember the dream at all. ka-ching!

whatever lah. pasar malam ke, ape ke. best mimpi nih.
thank you friendS.
for helping me out. :)
for helping me realize what's important.
for helping me out to be a better me.

tu je nak cakap actually.

ka-ching! :P


yg comel kat junction ave said...

ka-ching is the new tagline ey?

yg comel dari bronson~ said...

hahaa..! tu la psal.. new tagline eh..? =P take care durin ur journey to montreal, ok..? gonna miss ya!~

ka-ching! =P

sarah.azman said...

haha.. rase cm bes plak gune ka-ching! :P

*kte confius kjap lah. sape yg comel kt junction ave nih?*

it's either tiqah or awin sbb korg je yg berpotensi utk prasan tulis cmni. haha :P