Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random #3

Okayyyyy. I have this infatuation on Yasin. Yasin as in the member of a nasyeed group, Brothers if you remember. The one who appears in Syukur 21. The one who sang "Alhamdulillah" with too phat. haihhh~~ Unfortunately he's married and has 2 kids. *thanks farah for telling me this* but still. He has this sweet good-looking features that makes you go ahhh~~~~ :P

well, it starts from me, watching Syukur 21 on the day i need to submit my lab report. which is NOT FINISHED YET!! Yasin in Syukur 21 looks sooo...... Hurmm. Can't find the right word. I guess maybe it's because muka die nampak bersih. So, people like, love looking at him.

Ok. Tu je nak bagitau. Oh yeah. this is for u guys. While googling Yasin *unsuccessfully found anything about him* i stumbled across some old nasyeed songs. From Brothers of course *i went to youtube plak to find brother's music video* LOL

ok. ok. This is for you guys.

To you who is still struggling in exams
To you who's in the making to be biotechnologists, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, economists, architect *telupe letak lah* etc2
To you who's been finding your purpose in life
To you who did fall and thinks everything has fallen apart
To you guys who thinks you're at your worst point in life
To all in general who's struggling in life.

Never look back.. Never regret what happened..
Move forward..
Never stop fighting! :)


atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

wah tahniah sudah berjaye!!!
satu je kene baiki sikittttt lagi.
kat name kite tuh kan, awk tertinggal comel.

sarah.azman said...

hahaha.. yup2.. thanks to u.. kte da reti.. ngeee~~ ^^
tiqah comel? ha ah laaaa.. tiqah mmg comel.. ok2.. kte tuka name awk jd tiqah comel sangat eyh?