Thursday, November 19, 2009

dear you....

Hey. hey.. do you think this is for you?? hah! not for you.. and you! This post is specially dedicated for my sister who's now going through one of the life-changing battle: SPM..

good luck in your SPM..
i know you'll do well..

We know you've try your hardest and your best-est.. So, no presure k..

whatever the result is, i'm soooo proud of you..

lepas tu datang lah canada eyh.. :P

be my bibik for a while.. ngeh3..

to my other adiks2..


study hard..

get back your #1 title as you always do in primary school.. *not always.. as in everytime*
no pressure there.. just cut down the malas part thingy.. and u'll do well

don't take everything way too seriously..
*u might think it's a bad advice.. but trust me.. she needs this..* :P

syasya and luqman,
u little brats..
cut down gaduh2 tu ek.. u guys can't even survive without gado for 1 day.. 1 times a day pun is good enough at times.. :P

luqman, tlg la rajin baca plis.. *i'm not there to read you the sirah books during your exam time*
syasya pun tlg la jgn tgk tv byk sgt plis..


u guys are super awesome!!! :D

n super pandai if u work a lil bit seeing that xstudy pn markah ok.. *jeles2*
n sorry i'm not there to watch u guys grow up..

ahh~~~ this makes me miss them much..


farra said...

ada org dah homesick rupanya..

sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. rindu je..... :P