Friday, November 27, 2009

sila jangan procrastinate..


final is coming. preparation baru sket. tapi aim nk dapat high marks.. how about it? hurmm.

Rule #1: sila jangan procrastinate

Please stop watching gossip girls for a while. Wake up wake up sleepyhead. Jangan selalu tido. Please stop doing all the nonsensical things you do till u're like "eh! it's already 11pm. And i haven't even started studying". Please don't leave things until the last minute. Please.... Please....
Okay~ too much info here.

Rule #2: Sila commited time study ye.

Why i can give full commitment to other things but not for my study? Why can i spend hours reading novels but not when reading biochem textbook? Why it's easy to remember song lyrics but not the structure of arginine, methionine, etc2?
Don't you want to graduate with honors? Don't you want to get good job? Yes i do. So, ape lagi. Please give full commitment in your study please. If others can do it, why can't you?

hmm. enough said. today is raya. eid mubarak to you guys. may you have a prosperous and joyous life. ameen..

ok. going to watch gossip girl *just an episode plis* then i'll be doing my formal organic lab and physical chem assign. and study for biochem lab exam. AND finishing my stat assign. Gosh... It's nearly finals. Don't you have study week before the finals? *ok. mmg da tau xde study week*

all the best for the finals guys. ;)

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