Monday, November 16, 2009

sometimes i whine.. no. not sometimes. most of the time......

school is getting better now.. as it nearly ends.. :D only a midterm left and a couple of lab exams which i hooopee to score.. *at least naek lah sket kn markah* haha


what's with the title? yes.. i do whine.. i don't get enough rest.. i'm so tired.. i have lots to do.. lots on my mind.. i'm stressed.. well~ speaking of stress, i went to see a doctor because i got a small patch of rash at my right hand:

doctor: did you touch any plants like poison ivy or something?
me: no~~ *do we even have poison ivy at this time of the season?*
doctor: did you ever get cold rash? caught a fever or flu?
me: no... *or else I'd come to you last winter laaa*
doctor: have you been under stress lately?
me: err.. yes~

hah! i just know stress can cause a rash.. thankfully, it doesn't attack your whole body.. but yes. nothing exciting about it.. opss.. off track now..

haa! whining.. i always whine. why do i have to study.. i have lots of works and i'm tired.. i don't like this.. i don't like that.. bla bla bla.. the list goes on and on *tak kan habis kut*


we're just human.. no superhuman strength.. no control over the emotions.. the stress.. that's why we whine.. can we whine? i guess so.. farah did tell me, correct me if i'm wrong. "even Rasulullah s.a.w pn ade mengeluh jugak.."

tp bezanye is someone whines a lot *me! me!* some just endures it silently cutting down the whine-it-out-loud act thingy *sgt la respek mereka2 ni*..

heheh.. conclusion from this post: i do whine a lot.. as in now pun.. just because i whine a lot doesn't mean i didn't do any of the work.. it doesn't even mean i blame Allah for giving me all those things that i whine about..

i just want to blurt it all out.. that's just it.. :P


atiqahmohammadkhuzaini said...

carik lagu ni. forgive me when i whine-dawud wharnsby.
all the best lab reports!!!!

farra said...

finally, ada org tu update blog :p

all the best sarah.
*baru kte tau makna nama awk sama ngan nama kte*


farra said...

sarah.. psl rasulullah mengeluh tu was told by a friend of mine to me.
kalu nak lebih confirm , try tny anyone yg lg tau ek.

sarah.azman said...

atiqah: thanks awak! nnt kte dgr.. heheh
farah: awk baru tau ke? ceyh!!!! heheh.. hurmm.. nk tnye sape lg~~? xpe2.. nnt kte tnye..

*bley x nk ckp excited sbb post ni byk org komen? heheh*