Monday, September 7, 2009

bits and pieces

Right now i don't know why i'm so psyched in updating my blog. Maybe because i have loads of things to talk about.. Well, since my class hasn't started yet, i might as well use the time to write my blog before my freedom was ripped by tonnes of books and assignments. :P here are things that i'm DYING to write about...

- Okaaaaaayy~ yesterday had been a busy day for us (me, shida and aniza). We had to take the juniors to wal-mart to buy their stuffs.. Comforter, bedsheet, rice cooker, etc2.. u got the idea what they bought right? We went out after zuhur prayer, and have to wait 30 minutes for the bus. Then, we had to take a train to go to the South Keys Mall, where wal-mart is located. We arrived at wal-mart at about 3pm. While they're heading to wal-mart, i went to Chapters to buy a novel.. And i bought BREAKING DAWN!! Special edition.. So they say.. They just include a cd about the soundtrack. I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet. Then, there's a poster of Edward and Bella.. I thought it was the real-life Edward and Bella but turns out it wasn't real pictures. So, not going to bother taking the pictures of the poster. Haha.. I already read Aniza's but i can't helped buying it coz i like reading books repeatedly.. :P And i bought a notebook for $8. I know it's a lot for a small notebook but it was sooo cute..

- As you already know, it's Ramadhan now. I think this year our rezeki agak murah la.. Some days we cook at home, some days we eat outside and some days, we went to others' house for iftar. Heheh..
  • We did have iftar at Pn. Zalilah's house. When 1st batch of the juniors came. The food was sooo good. :)
  • We took the juniors to basmati, i went to Sambuza and we were invited for iftar at Chahaya Malaysia in Montreal Rd organized by UMNO Canada. :P we went there just for iftar. Not really interested in hearing what they want to talk about. Plus, they said they're a non-political club, different from UMNO in Malaysia.. So they said....
  • We went to Iman's foster parent's house. Auntie Su'ad (I don't know how to spell her name). She's a Somali and she's soooo nice to us. And the food she cook was so good!
  • We went to Jenie, Quchai, Zul and Sham's house. Ate paprik and tomyam. Made by Kak Aini.
  • Went to Megat, Sapet, Syazli and Hong Chen's house. The guys trick is to invite the girls to their house for iftar and THEY helped US cook.. Not the other way round.. LOL! But it was so much fun than berbuka alone at home. It feels like home back in Malaysia or better, feels like balik kampung (only it is in Canada) coz we cook the dishes together and eat bersila and talk, pray maghrib jemaah and then went to Encik Harun's house for tarawih.
  • Encik Harun invited us for iftar at his house (thankfully just 5 minutes away from our area in Prince of Wales) :D he is sooo nice to us and even ask us to come to his house for tarawih started yesterday until raya's eve. (Megat being the imam... Heheh) Of course there's always food right after tarawih. Megat recites the Quran very well and for a short moment, i feel like going for tarawih at surau back home..
- Today we went to tarawih again at Encik Harun's house after having iftar at Megat's house. Then, after tarawih, we have moreh, and after that, we played pool! Hahah.. Such an excited first timer.. :P At first, only Ash and Milan playing.. But then, we, all the first timers want to have a go.. So, it's Nanue, Dila, Me and Farna against Sapet at first. After that, it was Nanue, Dila, me and Farna against Milan, Megat, Ash and Sapet. We had help from Farah on "senget sikit.." "ke kiri sikit....." "ok2.. shoot slow je.." haha.. And when i first play, i score!!! First timer luck i guess.. :P it was a narrow lost to the guys. It was fun coz we keep on trying to distract the other team and everything. I think playing pool is fun when we're together.

- Farah and Ida are back home.. I only met Ida coz Farah is sleeping.. Our house is finally complete in its members.. :)

- Being away from your homeland during Ramadhan creates a bond among us seniors, juniors.. Basically, Malaysians. Coz we're a small community and during times like this we only have them to share moments like tarawih, iftar and just hanging out and have fun and trying to relieves the raya mood. (Encik Harun plans to takbir raya during raya's eve at his house.. It's nice of him i guess but it's going to be a sad, sayu night when we listen to takbir raya and miss our family back home..) But then, we have another family here.. :)

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