Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is (urmm.. let me count first) the 12th day of ramadhan. I just finished cooking with my housemates.. We made tomyam, chicken black pepper and fried vege.. Can't remember what's the name of the vegetables. I'm suck at that.. Yummy2.. Can't wait for berbuka..

I was like damn bored with nothing to do.. I finished assembling my furniture, bought the groceries, settled the university-start-of-school thingy and now, I don't know what else to do. *Ouh.. I must buy a printer.. More money spend* :(

This is just an update on what's going on for the past couple of weeks:

I assemble my furniture by myself! Yeayy!! It hurts though. My hands got blisters from screwing and tightening all the screws in place. But i'm proud to say i do it myself (with some help from dila.. thanks eyh) now i can say that I LOVE MY ROOM.. It's quite small for a start but i love it! love it.. love it.. love it.. (say it like christian siriano-project runway style)

my room.. there goes the bed, the table, the bookcase, and love the calender.. :P

pretty small huh? tp suke~~~~

then, i don't know why i'm feeling cranky today even when there's nothing wrong happened. Ouh yeah...... I know what's wrong. Let's not talk about this here. It did make me cranky again just by thinking about it.

Hmmm.. Thinking about going to Haven Bookstore today to sell my algebra book. I really2 need the money to buy new books for this year. Imagine my chemistry book this sem worth about $220 for the new one and $170 for used book. And one of my biology textbook worth $170 and $130 for the used one. And i'm taking 4 subjects this sem and God knows how much money needed to be spend for textbooks only.. That's why i need all the money i can get by selling my previous textbook.. I'm not going to get much for a book... Less than $100 likely but at least it's something. Ouh.. And i'm selling my calculus book to my junior. So, hopefully the money can cover up one textbook... At least..

And i know this seems to be out of the topic... But while i'm taking pics of my room, i stumbled across my shoe box. So, i can't help but taking pics of this:

my ice skating shoes.. :)

Yeahhh.. My ice skating shoes that i bought last winter (during Boxing Day if i'm not mistaken). And a good bargain too because i spend less than $100 for this.. And it's Nike.. Haha..

Okaaaaay.. So many nonsensical things that i blurb about. It's subuh now. Already prayed and i wanna go back to sleep. Nite2 peeps..


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