Thursday, September 10, 2009


today is my first day of class.... and it started at 8.30! Eughh.. I slept at 1am and wake up at 4 for sahur and then sleep for another hour before i woke up to pray and shower.. :( but thank god my classes end at 12.25 (Supposedly at 3-ish but no tutorial... 1st day kan..) yeayyy! so, bley la nak ganti tido nnt..

Anyhow, while i'm just surfing the web for my desktop background (didn't find one though) i heard the bell.. I thought it was Alvina coz she called before and said she doesn't have a key. But guess who is it?
THE DELIVERY MAN! haha.. DHL man bringing my package from back home..

There's everything that i ask for.. Well.... Not everything.. There's my
moisturizer, honey, chips, kuih raya.. the chips that i asked for is sold out.. but they sent another one instead.. The small popia one (teringin since saw it in shida's room but tengah puase..) and.. and.. there's a kad raya for me!!! Hehe.. The singing-kind.. Now i know what's the purpose of the expensive-singing kad raya.. For someone far from home.. Someone like... me! Haha.. The best part about the card is there's a sampul duit raya inside.. I thought "Well, the most maybe rm 50 inside".. Coz my dad is not the kind that give lots of duit raya to us (since we're not going to use it and still use his money to buy stuff.. Hehe) But there's a $100 dollar note inside! Hundred CANADIAN DOLLAR *Smile2.. Jump2*.. Last year, they sent me kad raya with their photos inside.. Now it's duit raya pulak..

tu je nak cerita sebenarnye.. Going to pin the card on my NEW noticeboard.. :D since i got back early from school, and no homework for today i think i might go and lie down.. ouh.. and continue reading my story book.. :D

p/s: Organic chemistry seems like a TOUGH subject.. Last years D's and F's reached nearly 30% of the class.. Plus, to cover that up, the lecturer is not going to post notes on the webCT to avoid people playing truant.. :( how are we supposed to copy notes with all the symbols and the structures??! not going to bother bout it.. yet..


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