Saturday, August 1, 2009

The mediator

I just finished reading a series of book called "The Mediator". I find it interesting although it's rather fairytale-like and far-fetched.

It's about a girl-Susannah, who is a mediator (they can see and talk to ghosts and she believes that it's up to her to help the ghosts to cross over or something) who just move to California and there's happen to be a ghost staying in her bedroom. A 150 years old handsome ghost, in the name of Jesse who was killed by Deigo, Maria's lover the night he's suppose to marry Maria. And anybody can predict what happens next. She happens to fall in love with Jesse. To cut the story short, Susannah found another mediator, Paul who's like obsessed with her and was constantly trying to get rid of Jesse. So, what happens next is, Paul went back through time to stop Jesse from getting killed so that in the future, Susannah won't meet Jesse and hopefully will fall in love with him. While Susannah went back through time to stop Paul from letting Jesse getting killed.

When Susannah met the real Jesse, she can't bring herself to let Jesse getting killed and switch to helping Jesse from getting killed. After some fist-fight and knife throwing, she managed to get Jesse alive but is making a mistake by bringing the real Jesse back to the future when she wants to escape. Because he's not a mediator, that shifts turns out to be fatal to him.

This is like the saddest part in the book. Where she cries and cries thinking that Jesse's going to die in front of her. Then the ghost Jesse appears and suddenly his soul or something went through his nearly-dead body and voila! he wakes up. So, the end of the story is finally her ghost Jesse became the real life Jesse and they live happily ever after. Okay, I make that one up. They ended up being an item.

Weird huh? But i guess that's what makes the book so special. I know things like this will never ever happens in real life but it triggers this happy feeling when you can finally put the book down and thinks "Yeay! They're together".

There's a quote in the book that I like very much. "If you love something, set it free. If it was meant to be, it will come back to you" - taken from Allison Willcocks. It's true because they belong to themselves. By no means, we can control their lives because it's rightfully theirs. We assume they're ours because of the relationship. So, that's what you do even though you THINK it might killl you or whatsoever. And if they're really meant to be with you, they're going to end up coming back to you somehow. It's like another saying of "that's fate". And if someone dearly to you walk away and then ended up coming back to you, you'll tend to appreciate them more. :)


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