Thursday, April 30, 2009

jealousy.. jealous-ness

what is jealous? it's a feeling of resentment towards other's success, advantage, etc2. it can also be because the feeling of suspicion or due to fear. How far can we tolerate this feeling? How insignificant the situation for us to call them petty and how much jealous is it until we call it too much?

For me, i do feel jealous towards other people. Jealous towards those who are clever.. Jealous towards others that has a much better things in life.. and etc2.. These are all positive feelings, i guess. Because it motivates me to work hard to get all the things that i want.

However.. There are things that people will call it jealousy, but i won't.. Things that makes me wonder why it's not happening to me, but happens to others. Or why someone treats me this way, but treating others differently.. I don't say that i'm jealous or whatsoever. For me, i would say that i feel "terkilan" rather than jealous. (but thinking about it, there's a small portion of jealousy in there i guess)

I try not to question other's way of treating me, but it can't be helped when there's some dissatisfaction at my side. Or there might be reason on why some are doing that to me. :)


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