Thursday, March 8, 2012

Of raindrops and golden leaves

Hai assalamualaikum,

It's funny how each season has its own smell. has its own feel to it too. Spring is coming and I love the smell after the rain. The cloudy days, the rain itself. The weather has been pretty mild for the previous couple of days. It's like remembering something you used to love. something that used to make you happy. something familiar that you hardly remembers. That is always the feeling I had at each time the season changes. The smell of winter saying goodbye to give way to blooming flowers.

Spring - April '10, Ottawa
Winter - Feb '11, Ottawa
Hello spring, you've been missed and I miss you dearly. And goodbye winter, hopefully we'll meet again. If not, I'll always remember you. the beauty, and even tarbiyyah that comes from it.

Spring/Summer - May '10, P.E.I
Spring/Summer - May '10, P.E.I

the cold, rainy season that reminds me of London
the hot, dry air that always, always reminds me of my first summer in Ottawa.
the cold, frost-biting winter that reminds me of the 30-mins walk from home to Carleton
and that golden, crisp leaves that remind you of Ottawa as a whole.

Fall - October '10, Ottawa
Will be leaving you soon enough.
Thank you for shaping me up. For showing me all the beauty in life.

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