Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be good. Be kind. Stay pretty. Love always.

Mid-train conversation:
"Macam mana kalau nak nasihat org eyh?
Kene kawan dgn diorg dulu. Then, sikit2 kita tarik dia utk jadi baik"
Hai assalamualaikum,

Being someone's friend is a treasure. Yet, a huge responsible too. A friend can either affect you in both directions; to the better or to the worse. Especially between close friends. You spend hours together and somehow one or the other will be affected by the other's way of doing stuffs, getting things done, life's perspective, etc. I know I was affected by A's positiveness in looking at life's hurdles.

But how did others get affected with me, being their friend? This thought is scary. What if someone was affected on the way I'm not dressed properly? What if someone follow me in not praying on time? What if? What if?

Yes, you have to keep on improving yourself because of you and to please Allah. But this thing need to be put in consideration too as you're living within the society. Within a certain circle of people. Your actions will affect others too. So, keep on improving yourself so as only the good things get affected on other people.
"Kau selalu lepak dgn Sarah, mesti somehow ada benda yg ko terikut dgn dia". A stops and think. 
"Emm. Ada gak la"
I have no idea what A has in mind. But hopefully it's a good one.

ps: I'm sorry if I've been a bad influence on some of you. Probably to some, a huge bad influence. I'm sorry. I made mistakes too. And now I'm trying to make up for all the wrongs I've done.



farra said...

Lol..I can't beleive Taylor Swift has such a great saying to be quoted! hehe :p
anyways, after such a longgg hactic time, now only I have the chance to check out your blog ( serious rinduu dgn blog nii), and wow! I am soOo impressedddd ! seems like I have missed out a lot of great things here..

and far, you've been such a great friend to me :) would like to take this oppt to apologize for the same thing, soorryy if I have badly influenced in anyways!

take care Sarah! have a greattttt reading break!

sarah.azman said...

hihi.. xde ape yg berubah pun.. kte sama je awak.. :) tp tswift ade je quotes dia yg bes.. :P

nahh.. xde bad influence pn lah awk.. n thank u jugak for being a good friend.. :)