Monday, February 6, 2012

the one stress i can't handle... when i don't have even the slightest motivation to act on something. not even a simple "come on, just try je"
and that scares me. big time.

Hai assalamualaikum,

dad's not picking up the phone, nor did he reply to my text message. i really need to hear comfort words from him right now *even though i know i won't do half of what he said to me*


i. just. can't. do. it.
i'm stress about this whole presentation since the day the prof gave us the journal to present on. i'm not worried about the presentation itself as i know it'll be over in 20 minutes. i'm more scared in the Q&A session afterwards. they asked killer questions which previous presenters manage to answer, which do nothing to calm me down about this presentation. i know we'll be butchered during Q&A. 

Worst-case scenario: we'll be slaughtered clean by the questions. plus our journal talks a whole lot about genetics. something i'm not fond of. something i'm not good at. *why did i always ended up taking subjects/doing presentations/writing up term paper/signing up lab that are genetic-related* grrr.

Even the worst-case scenario does not motivate me to read the journal. i just want to sleep. and wake up probably on friday then? T.T

Allahu Musta'an

(now this is what i call complaining. is chanelling out inner negativity)


budak comel di basement said...

u can do it sarah!

setan je tu, baca annas banyak2! eheh.

erm try reminding urself of ur biotech dreams?

sarah.azman said...

huehh.. thank you awak! <3 tula.. asek cm nk tido je.. fuhhh.. esok je tinggal. just get it over lepas tu dah lega.. haihhh.. ingt biotech dream mesti rase cm xde kaitan pun.. pdhal ade je.. ayah kte pn ckp benda yg sama..