Sunday, February 5, 2012

day by day; one step at a time.

Hai assalamualaikum,

Feb 9th - workshop presentation for Mutagenesis & DNA repair subject
Feb 13th - Midterm for Industrial Biochem
               - Submit topic for industrial biochem presentation
Feb 18th - Last day to submit intro and methods & materials part for thesis to prof
Feb 27th - Presentation for industrial biochem should be ready by now. will draw lots to know own's turn.
               - submit 2nd draft for another term paper
Feb 28th onwards - presentation practice with prof for poster presentation

March onwards - thesis should be on going, term paper should be more than halfway done, research should be fairly done by now and it's time to start worrying about the poster presentation and a final coming up on april.

Can't wait to get it over with. Next stop, thinking up on what to do after graduation. Might thinking of joining Kak Nana.

Allahu Musta'an

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