Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smile, it looks good on you

Magic Kingdom Disneyworld, FL. new year's eve 2012. pic cred: Amin

My 2012 was marked by fireworks lighting up the sky with the 'enchanted' Cinderella castle at the back. Without knowing it, I blurted out my 2012's resolution to Ida. I'm glad I blurted it out so as to have someone to witness what I've decided to act on and hopefully succeed, inshaAllah. Pray for me :) as years past, my resolution starts to become more complicated and even harder to achieve.
That's me. I dream big. At times, I succeeded but not as much as I had failed. Scratch that. Not fail. But did not exceed expectations. Those dreams are what drives me further forward to become a better individual. Life has a funny way to teach you lessons and gives advises. Failures and downfalls are sometimes the better remembered lesson in life than all the good ones. And so does people. They are there for you to learn something. There are things that take a lifetime to learn. But there are also lesson that is learnt just by a simple hello with a stranger. I may not see those things I should be taken note of. But it slowly dawned on me on those life lessons learnt, those bruises healed, and those things lost (read: bracelet from dad)

From professor that pushed you to do things you think you're incapable of to partners that requires patience and late night stay ups to friends whom you might have ups and downs with at some point.

With this, arigatou.


dilaMAYA said...

I love your style of writing dear. :) it has soul in it, if you know what I mean.
Keep dreaming BIG! *yes, I do need to remind myself too*


sarah.azman said...

heheh.. thank you awakkk.. inspired by awak lah ni... :)