Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's probably due to the headache

The small things are those that make me happy.
The small things that I'll remember.
The small things that are felt by the heart.

As you're one step closer upon finishing another phase of your life, more things are being put into perspective. True, it's a bumpy road here and there to get to where I am now, but those bumps are what makes me, me. Those bumps made me into a different Sarah that took a plane to Ottawa 3 1/4 years ago.

The plan I have before coming here might have to be adjusted here and there. But overall, life can never be better. Alhamdulillah. I'm still coping with some issues. Patience and optimism. When life's good it's not that I get all the good things in my way but rather bad things do come and take it as something that need to be improved on.

There's nothing specific I want to write on right now. It's just I'm feeling a little bit blissful. A bittersweet feeling you have. It's probably because holiday air.

No, no. It probably because of the exams. The last exam I had (this afternoon) was a subject by one of my favorite prof. I kind of want to be done with exams (mind you, I've been studying for that subject for a LONG time) but it's kind of sad knowing he won't be teaching you anymore. It's just like you want to graduate and get it over with but you'll miss the O-town and all its precious.

I just can't resist saying thank you to the prof at the end of the exam. I really like his class *me sleeping in class did not do any justice on how much I like his class. that's just purely me, not the prof''s fault*
A talk in the rain with someone I haven't talk to for a long time is enough to lift up my mood
Just cuddling up under your duvet with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and movie is my favorite activity for the weekend or at night mostly

Listing it off, it seems a little bit plain. but that's me. anything but fancy and glittery

Had a good dream few days back. Future husband is the sweetest. Tapi tak nampak muka.
I love to live in a double-storey house, with two girls and a boy, plus a little cat (the one with short stubby leg). And during weekend, we'll do some fun activities. And we'll have a lot of photo albums and scrapbooks to keep all the memories.

This is just a crappy post. I just want to write about all this with each point is making no sense than the other. And nothing related.

This is not some wishful thinking I had but my future's in it. Could You please make it happen? pretty please?

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