Monday, June 27, 2011

Truly, it's a fine mess.

Reality: We borrow things from each other. And we return them back to its owner. Yes, some might not follow but that's the rule. We remember the stuffs we borrow from our friends. Books, money, etc. But we (specifically I) always tend to forget that we borrowed something from Him too. The people in our lives. Things that we took for granted. We claim they are rightfully ours when in fact, it is not.

When they are taken away from us, we get sad. We get angry. To make matters worse, we sometimes point fingers to blame others. People come and go.

"Allah knows better. He will never burden you with something He knows you can't handle. And that is His promise to every of His servant. Do not ever cry over what has been taken away from you, because every single thing that goes away, He will replace them back. And though you may not see it yet, He has greater plans for us with His replacements" -rjzyra

Side note: First time went to nenek's grave since I get back. The only grandchildren who can't make it to the hospital when she's sick and when her time came. It reminds me the people in my life are actually not mine to keep. Even your loved ones. When it's time to go, it's not actually your say to stop them.

Just keep calm and let it go. :)

p/s: I hate packing back to Ottawa. And "Forever and Almost Always-Kate Voegele", you don't help either. This muddled writing need to be fixed.


Daffodil said...

Akak! all the best buat summer class! Berkorban sikit. Boleh boleh! nanti september kita jumpe yep. InsyaAllah umo panjang. Miss u

sarah.azman said...

tenkiu syg.. I miss youuuu lah.. dah la tak dpt jumpe.. :(