Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stop and think.

December 8, 2010. 2 Muharram 1432H

Hai, assalamualaikum.

Maal hijrah was yesterday and everybody has been busy putting up status wishing maal hijrah to others and how we hope this year will be a better one than last year's. So, basically everybody has been hoping they, changed (at least some part of them) to be a better person than they were before.

I do hope that I am changed, at least a small part of me did. But when certain situations come along the way and you react the same way you did as what you promised not to, it is a little bit depressing. You think after all this time you're changed. but once come His tests, it looks like you're back at square one. Quoting from a friend, life lesson is repeated until it is learned. It gets harder, not easier.

This surely has nothing to do with other people. Just my weak self, failing most of the time in life. Surely it is worse than failing an exam because we're talking about life here. How would you feel having audiences seeing playback of your not-so-worthy life.

That scares me. And the fact that you start to feel less-guilty about it. Guilt is good. At least it keeps myself repeating the same mantra of "i need to change" over and over again.

On another happier note, Happy Birthday to Atiqah Mohammad Khuzaini. May Allah showers you with His blessings and all the best for the finals and for everything that you've been doing now. You help keeping me in constant check of what's important. Thank You. She has a very good blog too. *Boleh tak nak promote blog awk dekat sini?* Hers is amki on my blog list.

All the best for your finals peeps. Remember, efforts count more than the outcome is. Try your best and tawakkal. Whatever the result might come out, that surely is the best for you. *a note to self*

And I have another one for you. I like this song. I hope you do too. If not, i think the video is worthy to be looked at. All those animals.


whoelse. said...

salam awak. nape kite tak comment lg nihhh?
haha thanks darling ;)))

i read it on my birthday tp seganlah kan nak komen mcm apa je. haha. tp mcm tak appreciate lah plak kan. thanks awakkk. syg awak!really. i do :)
nnt kite belanja eh kat RIS? hee~tanak belanja kat ottawa takbes.

sarah.azman said...

ahaha.. no problem lah awak.. kte dah lameeeee sangat tak nampak awak..
p/s: belanja popeye pun boleh jugak.. :P