Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Love

My two not-so-little brats

I remember how much you hate to read. If mom asked you to study or sleep, you really went to sleep even if it's at 8pm. So, how you get 94 for your sirah subject really amazed me. Until mom blurted the whole story. "Kan Nina dah habis pmr, jadi cikgu Luqman la tu. mana tak cemerlang". LOL.

Happy Birthday Luqman.
Misses the whole clan a bunch.

*playing Back to December by Taylor Swift while missing your family in a not-so-good-yourself kinda situation doesn't help at all (I have a midterm and a presentation tomorrow and I don't feel well at all.) And the fact that I MIGHT have to postpone my movie date with Harry Potter doesn't boost up my mood either.*


Siti SoLha said...

sarah! happy bday to luqman! hehe. ksian ko, xtgk harry potter lg ke? :) sbr la ye. fighting dear~

sarah.azman said...

thank you solha.. tapi kte dah tgk harry potter dah hari tu..